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« on: March 09, 2013, 06:02:28 PM »
I'm pretty sure most of you guys out there have heard of EmpireViews by now. Its a traffic exchange site wich allows all adfocus,adfly,link bucks and loads of others in there website rotation.
It's the best out there because its AUTO-PILOT so no need to do captcha's of any kind. so after you created an account on EmpireViews you can download the EmpireViews VIEWER to surf sites, and earn credits from you're desktop works like a BOOT..

Topline is a program that replaces advertisements on websites with it own advertisements. Doing this the programm will reward you with points each time you see a advertisement of theirs. About 1000 points = $0,75 (this might change).
This seems alot because it is. But I know a way to get more then 1,000 (can be less or way more, depends on the amount of time u are willing to spend)points a day without cheating or using a bot.
I already made more then 300+ Topline credits today in 2 hours..
You can also choose to sell your EmpireViews credits to other people on this forum.

When you visit EmpireViews links to earn Credits there will be loads of different sites. Most of them YouTube videos. Topline will replace all the advertisements for example on a YouTube page with their own. So you will gain both EmpireViews and Topline credits! If you leave EmpireViews on overnight you will gain loads of EmpireViews Credits wich u can use for your links u want traffic to and you will also get huge amounts of Topline credits.

Or you can use the points to get or views to earn even more money!

If u don't have an account on any of these website here are the links
My Ref Links ;)
Thanks are appreciated if this helped!!

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