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Ebesucher -
« on: September 13, 2012, 10:33:32 AM »
If you want to make some money without any effort, you can try autosurf eBesucher.

It works since 2002 and the payment is guaranteed. Currently site is on German, English and Russian version

Autosurfing is totally automated (allows geotargeting), you don't need to do anything! Just login to the site and start autosurfing! No additional software is required, surfing is performed from a browser window, which you can hide. So earn some cash when you sleep and autosurf is on

E-mail exchange is also available.

eBesucher allows you to increase the hits on your website within no-time! Service is free of charge and can be used by private persons as well as companies.

By using Visitor Exchange, your website will get up to 400 visits per hour! Mail Exchange allows you to send spam-free mail advertisements to thousands of interested recipients!

The idea is simple: visit other websites, and read e-mail advertisements. Therefore you will be rewarded with points. You can use them to automatically present your website to other users or for sending emails or convert them for cash!!.

It is an efficient way to earn some cash or promote your website, project, blog or video without having to invest any time on long-term advertising strategies.

System is based on the principle of a visitor exchange. It works on a give-and-take basis. That basically means that you can trade your benefits against the efforts of other members.

Our service is mainly about using the eBesucher Surfbar, which allows you to visit websites and get site impressions in return. All you have to do is to take a look at other members websites and you will automatically get others to see yours.

- Absolutely free of any costs!
- More than 250.000 registered webmasters
- Wide range of options (i.e. geo targeting, points consumption, timer)
- 100 Visitor and 10 Mail Points as a bonus for your registration.


100,000 surfing (visitors) points (BTP) = 1.87 EUR
100,000 mail points (MTP) = 82.80 EUR

The minimum payout request is 3 EUR.
The payout rate will be constantly adjusted to the economic situation.
The payout process will take 1-4 days

We support payouts in the following countries: all European countries

The payout process will take 1-4 days.
Referral earnings: Level 1: 8% Level 2: 5%


There are lot of payment proofs on web -

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